Things worth waiting for Mortal Kombat 11 in 2020

Mortal Kombat 11 can be confirmed as one of the best fighting games available today. When this game and its brother Mortal Kombat X are leading the fighting game series rankings.

This success is partly due to the quantity and quality of the content of the MK11 updates that have met the expectations of gamers. In 2020, MK11 will continue to implement more robust development projects, to maintain its status as a top-tier game.

Next is Spawn, another DLC character who will join MK11 next March and will be the last character in the Kombat 1 pack. This release pack can bring new characters like Fujin, Sheeva, Ash Williams, and even Stryker. The time when these characters appear in MK11 has not been revealed, but promises to be blockbusters in 2020.

Throughout 2019, MK11 introduced a number of Krypt events so that players can own some rare items. These events attracted a lot of players last year, and will likely continue to return in 2020.

One more interesting thing is the seasonal events. Mortal Kombat 11’s Winter Wonderland event brought the holiday special to a touch of visual effects and special gift hunting events. Certainly in 2020, MK11 will create more special events, with unique character skins.

Crossplay is a mode that allows players on different platforms like PS4, Xbox One to connect with each other in a match. This function can be turned on and off in the game menu depending on the player’s preference.

Crossplay can expand to other platforms like PC, Stadia, even Nintendo Switch. This function is in the process of completion and will be available in 2020.

As for the tournament mode, the MK11 currently has only three variations for the tournament mode. But developer NetherRealm is planning to expand and even allow customizing these modes.

With plans in progress, MK11 promises to continue to explode in 2020. This game has been released in the most important platforms as PC, PS4, Stadia, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.