Audition and PES entered the World Esport Championship

Audition and PES will be included in the content of the electronic sports tournament IESF World Championships 2020. To date, four titles in IESF’s competitive portfolio include: Tekken 7, eFootball PES, Dota 2 and Audition. Of which, Audition is the latest game added to the list. Players and teams will compete for gold, silver and bronze medals.

According to IESF (International Esport Federation), the member countries of the federation will select a team that represents their country. The national teams will then compete by region to select the strongest teams to participate in the world finals.

It will be held in Eilat, Israel in December. In the final round, teams will compete. on the live stage to find out the champion. The games played at IESF World Championships 2020 are all quite popular games in Vietnam, especially PES and Audition.

PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) developed by Konami, is considered one of the oldest and most popular soccer games in the world. PES is usually played on Sony Play Station consoles. It can be played against the machine or two people control two soccer teams against each other.

In the game, players will use the computer navigation keys to simulate the dance on the background of popular tracks. Simultaneously press the Space key at a certain beat.

Audition is a game of HanbitSoft company from Korea. The game has been on the market since 2005 and is quite popular in Asia, then gradually spread to North America and Europe.

According to IESF, the more precisely the space key is pressed, the higher the score is and the more loss can take place in 0.1 seconds. This is what makes the game and the tournament so interesting.

According to InsideTheGame page, there will be about 100 gamers competing in the final round of this tournament. Champion winners can receive a prize of about 150 thousand USD.