The development history of casino and gambling industry (Part 1)

Lasvegas, Nevada’s most populous city, the United States is known as the world’s most entertaining bustle with a wide range of restaurants and hotels, especially the splendid casino and luxury casinos.

It is a place where the convergence of luck and tricks in games related to gambling. So where does the casino come from? When did people know how to gamble and gamble their luck to earn huge sums of money? Let’s find out some information about the development history of casino worldwide.

The origins of casino casinos have not been clearly confirmed, but according to records they show that they first appeared in China in 2300 BC. Initially, people used dice cubes with corresponding points on each side in different ways of playing. For example, the Greeks and Romans, the French under Napoleon and the Queen of England threw dice to gamble. In 1020, the kings of Norway and Sweden bet on territories, competing for land sovereignty through dice. From around 1387 in France to 1440 in Germany, the use of cards and cards was widely used in the gambling world.

Casino history grows year by year

The casino’s history of expansion really expanded and began in 1994, in the eastern Caribbean island states of Antigua and Barbuda, they have built up the online gambling industry through a commercial law that provides Free service and creating virtual casinos. This model is also licensed by the government. That makes it a central place in the gambling business. Micrograming is one of the founders of the world’s leading online gambling software.

The year 1995 marked a boom for the introduction of online gambling software, with the aim of increasing the safety of casino operations, typically the Cryptologic software. After 1 year, Boss specialtidningar AB software was developed to complement Cryptologic, and eCash software was also applied for the first time. These software open up to players the optimal benefits of online gambling, making them feel like they are with the thrills of direct confrontation in real life. In 1997, Antigua-Barbuda transferred the Boss system to Media AB to support the penalties for online gambling.