League of Legends 2019 will be held in Europe

Riot Games is developing its European ecosystem for competitive League of Legends competition by raising four European Regional Leagues (ERL) to the professional level.

Running the European tournament, Maximilian “Riot MAXtheX” Peter Schmidt revealed this information in an article explaining the changes in 2019.

In 2018, Riot disbanded the semi-professional Series Challenger Tournament and created a new continent-wide system called ERLs, 13 regional leagues offering a “skill development pipeline” to gain talent. just entered the LOL European Championship (LEC). Four of the 13 regional leagues are being raised to a new level in an attempt to match LEC’s professional level.

“The Premier Tour (Germany, Austria, Switzerland), UKLC (United Kingdom + Ireland), LFL (France) and Superliga Orange (Spain) will be the first tournament to be included in this new category. many different leagues. New rules and procedures are streamlined to ensure that we are providing the best possible experience for our competitive players in Europe, ”Schmidt said.

Riot prioritizes these four ERLs to promote because the presence of local offices will help support the transition.

To continue its success in ERL, Riot will provide additional support to players by registering them in the Global Contract Database, which will provide protection from poaching and forging.

After 2 consecutive years held in Asia, this time, the tournament will return to Europe with 3 cities: Berlin, Madrid and Paris. League’s most prestigious tournament will soon start on October 2 and close on November 10. 24 teams from 13 countries will compete for the title of world champion.

Similar to every year, Worlds 2019 will start with the warm-up matches to find out which teams will eventually attend the warm-up round. This phase will take place from October 2 to October 8 at LEC Studio. Meanwhile, the group stage will be held at the Verti Music Hall, Germany from October 12 to October 20.

The advanced teams will experience the beauty of Europe when the next round will take place in Madrid – the Spanish capital and Paris of France.