ESports Legend – Easy or difficult to manage an eSports team

What would you like to experience about running and growing an eSports team? Let’s read through the eSports Legend review now.

Being an eSports athlete is not easy, becoming a winning team is even more difficult. A message from nowhere, a newly formed game team wants to invite you to run to help them reach the top of this battle. Suddenly your enthusiasm blows back, you carry your luggage on the road, the same goal but different ways to achieve it.

Đánh giá eSports Legend - Quản lý đội eSports dễ hay khó?

Why eSports Legend? Because you will create a legendary team from the first foundations. You will start hiring more coaches to help members grow themselves. You hire an extra manager to easily find young talents. It is also the person who balances the negative emotions of the gamers. A

nd yet, you have to register for the tournament. You start from the grass tournaments. So the squad gets the attention of the fans, as well as earn a little extra income. All seemingly normal activities are specified and clearly shown in this game without any mistakes.

You will have to measure and calculate how to maintain the squad. Your team needs to win more awards to attract more players and sponsors. That’s almost the main source of revenue that an eSports team can find.

Winning and gaining attention, and no matter how good you are, no one knows your name. The tournament system in eSports Legend is also very well arranged and quite close to reality.

Đánh giá eSports Legend - Quản lý đội eSports dễ hay khó?

In particular, the longer the match, the greater the loss. And you can only compensate by having the whole team go to the gym or the entertainment to reduce stress.

But there is a very interesting point that eSports Legend brings, that is your influence in the match. Although not directly involved, the player can perform the Ban Ban selection for gamers. It was like putting up tactics in the middle of the game depending on the situation at the time.