Rocket League rebuilds the eSports tournament structure

Possessing unique gameplay in the world of eSports, Rocket League is about to have a campaign to refurbish game features. Rocket League quickly became a name known to the gaming community.

Even more surprising when from a tiny guy in the eSports market, Rocket League gradually built up a solid community of fans. And it has become a subject that has been played quite frequently for the past five years.

Recently, the Psyonix developer has officially announced plans to refresh the Rocket League game. In particular, the most noticeable focus is the completely new eSports tournament mechanism called RLCS X.

Accordingly, the old tournament system will be abolished, replaced by the partitioned tournament mechanism before selection. 16 teams participating in the World Finals.

The award is also one of the attractive highlights of RLCS X, with a total cash amount up to 4.5 million USD. Specifically, the teams have achieved good results in the regional qualifiers of Rocket League.

They will split $ 100,000, the Major prize is $ 250,000 and the World Final is $ 1 million. In addition, 10,000 USD will be donated weekly during the semi-professional tournament The Grid.

Developer Psyonix has recently confirmed that the Rocket League title will switch exclusively to the Epic Games Store. This is somewhat heartbreaking news for Steam as Rocket League is one of the most loved titles on the platform. But it’s essentially the inevitable consequence.

Not too long ago, Epic acquired developer Psyonix, so it’s sooner or later that Rocket League will become an Epic Games Store exclusive. Gameplay seems simple at first glance, using a racing car to push the ball to golf, but extremely attractive thanks to simulating physics effects.

That is why developer Psyonix is ‚Äč‚Äčnoticed and acquired by Epic Games. Gamers playing the current Steam version will still be fully updated, but new gamers will have to switch to the Epic Games Store.