Why Esports in Schools Is Worth It? (part 6)

  1. Esports in Schools Expands Career Opportunities 

Professions in esports 

You know, sports teams need a scope of support personnel to work. From local intramural projects to elite athletics groups, teams need something other than players. This can incorporate advertising staff, managers, innovation and fund experts, clinical staff and recruitment specialists. Thus, it is with esports. Anticipated at the pro level to overshadow the NBA by 2021, esports offers quickly growing career openings. 

Developing these career interests can start in high school. Plenty of students do not game at a serious level yet desire to be one part of the esports culture. As you can see, there is esports in schools so that students can find out about a wide range of potential profession area. Esports groups need students for developing and managing the website as well as running social media accounts. Direct the Twitch stream, run the in-game cameras as well as overseeing team logistics. Handle advertising and videography. What is more, give the play-by-play reporting as well as color commentary.

Esports as an industry is considered as one expanding area of study at universities and colleges. The Warsaw School of Sports Marketing of the University of Oregon provides Esports 101 in association with Turner Sports. Also, the Newhouse School of Syracuse University is including an esports educational program in association with Twitch. Not all, Becker College provides a BS in esports management. 

The College scholarship

Esports in school does not just help increase students’ enthusiasm for higher education, but it can give a pathway to the postsecondary scholarship. Nearly 100 universities and colleges are the members from the NACE (National Association of Collegiate Esports), known as the official governing body of the varsity esports. More than 250 more have club programs. About 200 US universities, on the whole, provide around $15 million every year in the esports scholarship.