Types of games that ought to have a much bigger place in Esports

As the esports field continues to expand and improve, it has come with different kinds of games and leagues. That way, it sounds like there is one thing suitable for everyone. From combat and shooter games to the real time strategy – most major genres have specific coverage. There are extremely a few of the games that dominate the business (and the discussion around it). But it may create troublesome for a few different kinds of games for breaking through.

These are some genres and styles in that regard.


Virtual reality’s several uses have finally begun to influence society quite broadly. However, trendy VR tended to start as a gaming platform, and despite some growing pains, it’s finally made some wonderful recreation experiences. And there is without stopping to the potential thrills the eSports world may see from some applications. With screens for the audiences to examine what the players are experiencing, aside from the visibility of the gamer in the real world – fans can savor the entire picture, regardless of what game was played. Naturally, this can be something lightly explored. That said, we’re talking about one or two specific eSports games taking off. For instance, there are already a couple of VR boxing games. Are you able to imagine the thrill of a full VR boxing circuit in the eSports community?


Considering their considerable popularity, it’s somewhat surprising that mobile puzzle games haven’t had such sign├Čicance in with esports. That said, it might be fascinating to look at teams and players try and beat one another through advanced levels of ever-increasing challenges. Games such as Monument Valley and Hitman GO are some examples of the games that would likely be used, complete with their moving staircases, platforms, pillars, and different fun obstacles.