The rise of e-sports in India

E-sports platforms allow users to create fantasy teams and earn real money based on the player’s actual performance. Many people believe that this is the closest platform that an average sports fan can bet.

Esports suddenly became the subject of recent gossip. From a handful of companies until a few years ago, there are about 60 fictional sports platforms in India. Investment is pouring into the industry, mostly from prominent international corporations. And, India had the first icon of startups this week – Dream11 – Tencent-backed fantasy sports startup is now priced at $ 1.1 billion after the latest fundraising from Steadview Capital.

According to the joint report of the Indian Sports Federation (IFSG) and KPMG, Dream11 currently accounts for 90% of the domestic fantasy sports market. Industry experts believe that the success of this business will inspire many entrepreneurs, to see virtual games as an expandable business proposition. This will provide a chance to make money in the future, although paid players only account for about 15% of Dream11’s 51 million users.

But, that may change as virtual games become more competitive, with higher cash rewards. While the trend to start cricket coincides with the launch of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2008, there4G mobile are now a variety of sports to choose from: football, hockey, kabaddi, carrom , billiard, badminton, basketball, etc.

The IFSG-KPMG report indicates that there are about 20 million fantasy gamers in India at the present time. In 2016, this number was only two million. The mass penetration of , triggered by Reliance Jio, helped popularize fantasy sports (along with a number of other internet services) in the country.

The market is expected to hit US $ 5 billion in the next two years. IFSG said two-thirds of Indian sports fans know about fantasy games today and it is estimated that 100 million players will join one or more platforms / apps by the end of 2019.