The online gambling market continues to thrive (Part 3)

Plenty of forms of gambling online

According to Statista, a well-known market research company, the gambling industry in the past year brought a total revenue of $ 465 billion, equivalent to the entire GDP of Belgium.

In the segment of the gambling industry, the online casinos grow most strongly thanks to the development of technology, the Internet, electronic payment, etc. There are many people who have never been to the casino but can easily become gamblers just by a smartphone.

In addition, online gambling tools have the ability to “learn” quite quickly. Depending on local customs, gambling habits of indigenous people, online gambling services and applications can offer suitable games. For example, traditional casinos can only open games like classic gambling, playing cards, online casinos can diversify games, suitable for many objects such as dozens, three trees. , scratch the disc, faint or even play games to earn bonuses.

Currently, according to reports, the global online gambling market share is reaching more than $ 44, accounting for 34% of the entire gambling industry. It is expected that this market share will nearly double by 2022.

Up to now, nearly 100 countries around the world have accepted online gambling legalization, of which Europe is the largest player. The rest of the countries do not necessarily ban all online gambling activities, but still allow those countries to keep their eyes closed, not banned or not legalized, allowed to play but not organized to play.

The risks of online gambling, though few, are not nonexistent. There are still many frauds and money laundering that occur quite often. In addition, there are still many companies that have not registered online gambling business as well as do not support electronic payment gateways, many companies are rewarded with virtual currencies with extremely unstable value. The online gambling market, despite its huge profits, is not easily managed if it is not well managed.