The online gambling market continues to thrive (Part 2)

In the Asia Pacific region, the field of online gambling has not grown much. In countries like Singapore, the government says all gambling is illegal and therefore there is no such market.

In China and South Korea also illegal gambling sites have been arrested. While in the US, three states have licensed online gambling and it is expected that more states apply the same rules, allowing the market to grow in these areas because the government wants to benefit. from tax revenue. Africa also has no plans to legalize online gambling.

Development potential

Although the online gambling industry has grown, the revenue from physical gambling still far exceeds online activity (which accounts for only 10% of current revenue), which can be an obstacle for the industry in the long run. term. Even online gambling companies face a great risk of breaking into these industries, especially in countries that consider it illegal. These risks limit the participation of new operators and expand existing operators to different geographical areas.

However, according to analysts, this market will continue to grow in the future because it has not yet reached the maturity stage and the governments of the countries that are conducting the management of this activity open the playing field for players. This market grows.

Thanks to online gambling, many new startups have become rich like Bwin, Paddy Power, 888 Holdings, and forced long-time traditional “giants” such as Ladbrokes and William Hill to change their business practices.

Regarding capitalization, the top leading companies include: Paddy Power has a market capitalization of US $ 9.98 billion, Ladbrokes: 4.78 billion USD, William Hill: 3.86 billion USD.

The online gambling market is growing strongly, no longer being the applications that are transmitted secretly, instead of public ads on social networking sites, websites. … With such advantages as limiting gambling, reducing the risks associated with payment … it is expected that this will be an industry with a huge development opportunity in the future.