The genius players that have gone into the history of E-sport

Esports is on the rise of strong momentum and more and more people are interested in even in real life movies, it attracts the love of many people.

Below are the geniuses that have gone into the history of E-sport.


Patrik “f0rest” Lindberg (1988) is a guy from Sweden. He is famous for being one of the best Counter-Strike players in the world. It seems that Lindberg alone helped Fnatic win the 2009 championship at the Counter Strike tournament worldwide. From that victory, he created for himself a huge income source as a Counter-Strike player.


It can be said that Jang Jae-ho is extremely talented in Warcraft 3 strategy games. This guy was born in a place where Esports is extremely developed. With not too long time, Moon has asserted himself as a professional gamer and become a person who is hard to match in the tournaments he attended.

It is also said that if there are 4 races in Warcraft, no one else is Moon who deserves to be the 5th race. In 2009, Jae-ho made the fans and the whole world admire. signed a contract for $ 500,000 with WeMade FOX from South Korea. Perhaps when talking about Jang Jae-ho, the success and talent of this guy in Esports is not to be debated.


Lee Sang Hyeok (1996) was born and raised in Seoul, South Korea. This guy is the idol of many League of Legends players around the world. If not exaggerating, it seems that nearly 100% of gamers playing this game favor Faker a vote when asked who is the best LoL player in the world.

At just 17 years old, Faker started to become a professional gamer and a good arm to bring SKT to 3rd place in the Spring tournament, competing for a ticket to Los Angeles to attend the final. Wherever he appeared, Faker won there. This guy is the only gamer honored by ESPN – a leading magazine, not only that, he also has for him a huge income from playing League.

Many fans think that Faker is not a normal person when his skills and style of play are almost second to none. Behind a gentle handsome man is a significant influence in the construction and development of the Esports industry. Not long ago, League of Legends gamers even proposed building Faker statue like the football world stars.