The development history of casino and gambling industry (Part 2)

In 1998, Micrograming opened a Cash Splash system with the advancement of jackpot system. With this new program, the online gambling industry has made $ 834.5 million (according to Frost and Sullivan statistics).

In 1999, a number of laws prohibited the development of the gambling industry but failed. Micro Software has wisely signed a deal with Big Five, Warterhouse-Coopers, a firm that pledged to report data on the percentage of liquidity at the casino. This year, several online casinos in Australia were licensed to operate. In 2000, countries like England and Argentina opened widely to the development of the casino field.

On March 22, 2001, PRNewswire opened a survey showing that about 8 million people were involved in gambling.

In 2003, eCOGRA regulations for e-commerce and online gambling were established with the purpose of ensuring, standardizing the frameworks to help the operating to achieve the best results and the testing given. for the gambling industry. Also in this year, poker has really exploded with tremendous growth.

In 2004, Frost and Sulivan reported that the revenue of online casinos in the world reached $ 8 billion, up from $ 3 billion in 2001. However, google and yahoo, the two largest websites did not notice. through the promotion of gambling industry related issues. However, in 2005, Artigua Barbuda made arguments and objections to the WTO announcement of the World Trade Organization on agreed services.

Since 2006, the revenue of the gambling industry has been increasing rapidly. Millions of people around the world have considered this an indispensable entertainment, especially for the upper class. Therefore, the gambling industry has a place not to be inferior even to some other essential businesses.


For the casino business, it is a place that can make people rich in the moment or make it easy for them to lose everything they have created. Undeniably, the economic contribution of the big casinos in the world, But we all recognize that is also the source of crime. Because