How to make money from Streamer

As long as you appear in front of the webcam or phone camera, turn on the live broadcast mode and you become a streamer. However, to become a career requires you to be able to attract more people to watch your live broadcast and make money from it.

Commentators in live matches are a prominent example of this. People who are good at a certain field and do live broadcast revolves around their strengths.

Streamer mất việc vì nã súng trên sóng trực tiếp - eSports ...

Or you can stand in front of the camera to do it. You can instruct the exercises with outdoor sports equipment because the current need for health training is also very high. In short, you can stream everything as long as it is legal, non-offensive and does not harm others.

It was about the time they sat in front of the computer to think of topics, compose and share streaming to their viewers and fans. If you find and read this article, then surely you are intending to learn to enter this career streamers. Especially you find yourself also having similarities with current streamers like the ability to play well on a famous game.


The streamer’s mind doesn’t focus on how much money he makes each month. Instead, they first try to pursue their passion. If the followers of a streamer’s video find it interesting, they can voluntarily contribute some money to help the streamer maintain their activities.

If you’re good at something, the most popular is games. Then you can get a fixed salary to be a streamer to share about your favorite game. Usually hired by media or game publishing companies. This is the form that streamers will be interested in, and in fact, it’s quite popular.

Streamers need to build trust and get closer to their followers on the channel. They not only communicate via the screen but also have fan meetings with them to exchange gifts, signatures or souvenirs.