Football betting online is an art (Part 1)  

Playing betting is an art and betting players is considered as an artisan, this is a funny statement of betting participants. The art of playing football betting online – There are also quite a number of betting players offering different types of betting for players to choose from. And there are also many types of betting (Asian, European, Total GoalOver-Under, score, even …) The following article I would like to share the experience of playing football betting online.


The Banker raises against a lot of information related to the upcoming match such as: the professional quality of each player of the two teams, comparing each position on the field. In addition to considering factors such as injured players, suspended players, yellow cards, red cards; performance of two teams at the time of betting; which team play in its home stadium, which team play in away field; How far is the travel schedule of the away team ?; score as well as ranking of 2 teams; the teams have a lot of fans (according to the psychology of the majority choose these teams); weather; confrontation achievements between 2 teams; the players the coach will bring to the match, this information is only known 30 minutes before the match, so the banker will change constantly at this time …

The banker always updates the information and rate of the match to know how to come out. In short, the first odds the banker has been given, the ratio of the over or the under to win is not too different, it can be said to be 50-50. The original banker give odds very early and can be 3 or 4 days in advance. Of course, they rely on the above information to make the original. From the time of making the contract until closing the contract (usually before 2 ′ when the match starts). The original bet will be changed continuously from time to time when the number of betting participants bet. If the odds on the over are high, then it will reduce the cost for the under, if the number of participants in the bet continues to flow into the over then the contract will change, for example, from 0.5 to 0.5+ 1 left. Otherwise, if many people choose the under, the odds will reduce the cost for the under and may change the contract, eg from 0.5 left to 0 + 0.5.