E-sports industry has been heavily effected by Covid-19

This is the only way to make the eSports activities go smoothly.

At a press conference with Shanghai authorities on February 26, a spokesman answered questions related to the city’s esports industry.

Currently, more than 400 Esports matches in China are affected by the covid-19 pandemic, city representatives suggest organizations switch to online competition to ensure the safety of all participants. event.

Particularly in preparation for Worlds 2020, the Shanghai government is trying to promote to ensure the progress of the event.

The LPL officially announced the rehearsal: Sofm and Suning came out on the first day

That is completely baseline when 80% of Esports teams and organizations are operating in Shanghai, 40% of the events are large and small in this city.

With more than 400 games being stalled or canceled, the city government will give priority to support depending on the level of damage suffered by the tournament. The move to online competition is the best solution now to help organizations escape the epidemic, while ensuring the event progress.

The organization of esports team liquid temporary closing of the head offices before the covid-19 situation. The leading esports organization in North America is forced to suspend direct contact activities to ensure the safety of its staff.

Team Liquid, the multi-regional esports organization, has just made a very difficult decision in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in many major regions. The North American organization had to close its headquarters on March 13 and let staff move to work online for at least the next 30 days.

This is necessary because the pandemic is spreading in Europe and there is a risk of an outbreak in North America, the concentration of people will give the virus the opportunity to spread leading to the loss of control. Liquid also announced the establishment of a new headquarters in Korea on March 11. However, the country is greatly affected by more than 500 cases of corona virus infection, causing all public activities to be postponed.

For Team Liquid teams, they will change the form of competition or take a break depending on the decision of the organizing committee. Recently, the LCS League of Legends held a competition without spectators to ensure the safety of the fans, as well as the players and the team organizing the tournament.