Arena of Valor is satirized by gamers as the “Arena of Violet”  

Over 2 and a half years, Arena of Valor provided Violet a very rich inventory. Violet’s “richness” contrasts completely with dozens of gladiator generals who are supplied only one or two skins, and even the pity Wiro doesn’t have any clothes.

MOBA games on many profitable platforms mainly come from the sale of skins in the game. Players can change the appearance of their favorite heroes, and the skin also has special effects and does not increase the power of generals in the game. Each year, the NPH will release a lot of gorgeous costume sets to add to your collection. Arena of Valor developed by Timi does not go against that mainstream trend as the game constantly presents a series of new “universes” next to the main story with the competition of 4 major forces in the fictional world named Athanor.

In the coming time, the “universes” with themes of ancient sword, superhero, science fiction, love of couple, school, police … will add a series of new factors. They all have a very detailed design, more or less accompanied by vivid skill effects, realistic sound effects, golden bonus effects. The application is unique. The most prominent is the National Gunner Violet when she will own the “pants, shirt” up to 12 items. This is no different from Garena, Timi officially acknowledges Violet as her favorite character with an ultra-luxurious storehouse worth up to nearly 500 USD. Of course, Violet’s “wealth” has become the satire of many country gamers. They even had to call the Mobile Union the “Arena of Violet” game, parody the official name Arena of Valor with a satirical picture.

Currently, Garena has created a class for gamers with conditions of Violet Anime rotation which is extremely expensive. According to the survey, many KOLs until normal players had to spend about 100 USD for this new item. Therefore, it is unknown how much Violet will be attracted with the topic of love and the topic of Teams of Technology. In the past, Violet Super naughty Cat or Violet Beach Party was also commercialized at a high price .