• Carefully crafted websites with one thing in mind: Your success.

    Anyone can set up a website, but is that enough to guarantee its success? At 88™, we specialise in building strategic, engaging websites that instantly reinforce your business's credibility, communicate your key messages to your audience, and ultimately converts visitors into customers.

    Oh... and they also look really, really good.

Any size, any budget

From small, easily manageable websites to beautifully designed eCommerce stores, our website design team work with clients of all sizes around the clock to hand-craft sites that turn your ideas into profitable, effective web solutions.

Our websites function beautifully, look even better & perform on any device they are viewed on. Whether you need a highly experienced team for a complex website or a cost-effective website for a new or small businesss, 88™ can help.

Stand out from the crowd

Have you ever visited a restaurant and immediately lost your appetite because you spotted something that wasn't clean? Or have you ever visited a hotel and found yourself less than satisfied when you realised there was maintenance or construction work that was ongoing or unfinished? These might sound like clichés, but the underlying message couldn't be more true for your website - first impressions are everything.

Modern day internet users are constantly bombarded with content & advertising, and they won't stick around if something isn't right. From slow loading websites to clunky, poorly designed interfaces, there isn't much room for error in getting - and keeping - a visitor on your website.

Fortunately, 88™ have got your back. Through careful consultation and planning, a dedicated digital team and meticulous attention to detail, we have a recipe to help you succeed online. Our websites are fast, highly capable on any device and make a lasting impression - we can guarantee your visitors will love them.

Take Control

So you have a shiny new website, people love it and you're attracting more custom to your business. Great! But what's next? As you may know, your website should be a constantly evolving asset, and with this in mind it's very important that you continue to improve and add content to your site to keep it uptodate, stay relevant and perform well in the search engines.

So (we hear you ask), how do you do that? Well, the answer is easy. Rather than buying a website that you can't control and having to rely on others to make changes, we can provide you with a CMS (content management system). A CMS allows you to log into your website (from any device, day or night!) and make any changes you desire, including adding pages, editing / moving / deleting content, uploading media such as video and photos and much much more.

But I'm not a web designer - can changing the content myself cause any problems?
The short answer is yes, sometimes, but not with us.

If you have a delicately designed website, it can be hard to edit the content without knocking the design out of line. However At 88™, we provide a variety of high quality, bespoke content management systems depending on what kind of website you have, giving you complete control over your content... without the risk breaking the design or layout. Our CMS's also include a variety of tools from 'preview modes' and 'page history', making sure that nothing on your website goes live to the world until you're happy with it.

Go Mobile

Did you know that in 2015, mobile/tablet web browsing and viewing of online media via mobile devices overtook PC? That's a lot of potential custom coming your way from smaller devices, and it's something you need to be prepared for.

'Responsive' web design refers to designing a website that resizes and rearranges itself depending on whatever screensize it's viewed on. Whether you see it as a good or bad thing, it isn't enough anymore to just have a website designed - you need to ensure it is responsive and easy to use, can be used without having to zoom in and loads quickly on the move, or customers visiting on smaller devices may find it frustrating to use your website and go elsewhere.

At 88™, we realise that the future of the web - everything from finding a local locksmith to buying shoes online - is going to be heavily mobile and we're here to help our clients take advantage of this trend. We don't charge extra for responsive web design - it's included as standard in everything we do.

Ready to take the next step?

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